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Hero Harrison Talk

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This is what we do

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Hero Harrison is a media and streaming platform that focuses on modern days news of all pop culture. Our focus is making a community full of fun people coming back for more information each time. The media is changing and we want you to get the full experience from every angle of different nerd culture. 


Hero Harrison started in September of 2020 when the pandemic hit. The media took a big hit financially and it was an opportunity to have eyes on smaller content creators. It was only the beginning for something bigger.


Here at Hero Harrison Talk we provide the best content when it comes to pop culture. From movies, games, comics, and TV there is nothing more but to enjoy the everyday unlimited information that is being tossed into the social media universe. New content is posted everyday and it is something fresh for the audience to keep them updated on upcoming events in the media. 


Hero Harrison Talk is rising in numbers with a great and supportive community to help keep it afloat. It's not about the views, it's about the kinship of nerds and people who enjoy watching and listening to brand new elements of media. This is the golden age of entertainment and here at Hero Harrison we want to provide you the best of the best exposure to our creative world in the media.

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